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This poker review website offers a complete guide for British players that want to play poker in the UK. It includes information payment options, how to play UK poker and where to play in Pounds.

Like Bridge, Blackjack and Video poker are games of skill. Learn more about these games and where to play them at CasinoTestReports.com.



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Welcome to ECatsBridge

WBU logoWBU Autumn Pairs

The WBU Autumn pairs will be held during the week beginning 4th September, with different hands each night - more information ....

SBU logoSBU Pairs ... several of them are in the pipeline!

They are listed here - to enter any of them please contact Edward McGeough by email, or go to the SBU website for more information.

Diamond Senior Pairs Sun 08-Oct 13:00
Thea Teale Bronze Pairs Sun 15-Oct 00:00
SBU Sims Tue 24-Oct 00:00
SBU Sims Wed 25-Oct 00:00
Jesner / Johnston Sun 05-Nov 13:00

Ecats CinChildren in Need Pairs

Are we totally mad doing this again ? Yes of course we are but we love it. So please join us if you can and let's see if we can raise another amazing amount of money. Our - or rather your - total to date is £ 881,950.09 !!! This year it all kicks off on Friday 10th November, with heats that night, then on the Monday (13th), Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th - different hands each night of course for this one - More information here ...

celtic logoCeltic Pairs

The December Celtic Pairs is being run by the NIBU this year, but we will of course be scoring it and can also take entries and pass them on. It starts on Monday 4th December and different hands are played on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 6th and then a different set again for Thursday AND Friday (7th & 8th) combined. More information here ....

Calendar of events:

Click here to go to our calendar of forthcoming events throughout the year

Our Address

The address for ECatsBridge is
Mill Cottage, Voy

KW16 3HX
Great Britain

Our telephone number stays the same - 01787 881920 or you can email Anna. Read more in the About Us section and you can see how we are getting on by reading our blog !

General News from ECatsBridge ...

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