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Welcome to ECatsBridge

logo  Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs Online

Together we can ... please join us if you can but if you can't please consider donating through us so we can send a lovely big cheque to Children in Need.

Yes - yes - yes ! It's all ready, up and running. Heats will be run on Friday 6th November, Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th with different hands each day.


Clubs can play on BBO, BCL or RealBridge so do play if you can !


Do join us if you can and hopefully you will have fun while raising some money for the Charity. It will be scored on ECatsBridge as normal and overal local master points will be awarded.

Our Privacy Policy

Players in the Simultaneos Pairs should be aware of the following clause from our Privacy Policy:

"When you enter a Simultaneous Pairs as a competitor, your name and the club in which you play
together with the country in which it is located (but not its specific address) will be displayed on our
website as part of the results for the event. Your entry to the event signifies consent to this as part
of the competition. The data thus given will be retained as archive information on the website."

Our Address

The address for ECatsBridge is
Mill Cottage, Voy

KW16 3HX
Great Britain

Our telephone number stays the same - 01787 881920 or you can email Anna (always best!). Read more in the About Us section and you can see how we are getting on by reading our blog !

General News from ECatsBridge ...

Have a look at our Archive Bulletins and Programmes - you can search for any player or just browse through.