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Welcome to our Youth News pages

More information about Youth Bridge Events can be found at www.unibridge.eu and on the FISU website at www.fisu.net as well as on the WBF website at www.worldbridge.org.

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European Online University Teams Championships

It is a knock out competition** on internet between universities where the schedule is determined by draw. Each university can enter an unlimited number of teams of 4-6 players. It will start on 1st January 2013.

Both captains have some time*** to schedule and play a match of 16-32 boards. The result must be send directly after the match to kubakasprzak@o2.pl by each captain with *.LIN file in attachment

Results will be published on unibridge.eu and on the facebook account "Uni Bridge"

You can participate under the following conditions:
-  being at university or high school (or 1 year after or before studies)
-  there is no age limit
-  nationality of the student isn't  important
-  all players must be from universities from the same country but they represent one university (at least 2 players must be from this university)

You can enter from now till 21st of December 2012 by sending an e-mail to kubakasprzak@o2.pl (with copy to geert.magerman@telenet.be). After receiving all entries and after the draw, we will inform each captain by the next match. We will start in January 2012. For each player, you must enter: name, surname, birthday, nationality, university or high school, country and bbo nickname. Also please send to Kuba photocopy (scan) of your student ID.

We trust in your fair play and friendship, important values for EUSA and EBL. Any violation against fair play will not be accepted and have severe consequences. At captains request Kuba can be the Tournament Director during the match. Organizing committee has a right to disqualify any team in the case of reasonable suspicion of foul play. The team will be eliminated from the competition without the right to appeal against the decision.

** first we will play in groups then knock out stage, number of boards will be indicated in particular regulation in January

*** depends from a number of teams (it will be about one month)

Student Club on Internet. More ...

2012 University Online Championships

Results of the Group stage
Click here for the draw for the KO stage

2012 World University Teams Championships
updated 23 January 2012

Organised by FISU this event will be held from 9th - 15th July 2012 ... read more

2012 World Youth Bridge Teams Championships
updated 23 January 2012

Will be held in Tai Cang from 25 July - 4 August. Click here to download the first newsletter about this event.

2012 FISU / WBF Online Teams Championship
updated 23 January 2012

The Championship is underway with 61 competing teams - please read our Press Release about this record-breaking event!

Nordic Youth Camp
updated December 2011

This will be held from 4th - 8th April and Juniors from all over the world are welcome to participate ... read more

Age criteria for Youth Events
Updated October 2011 : read more