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Clubs holding "open" heats

These are the clubs offering Open Heats - dates will be Monday 14th - Friday 18th March

This is where we will list any open heats - online or F2F - where clubs are happy to receive visitors

Stone Bridge Club (Staffordshire) will run a F2F heat at the club starting at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 16 March. Visitors are welcome but please let Mike Beach know in advance by emailing him at Mikejanbeach@btinternet.com

Mid Wales will run heats on the Tuesday nd Thursday using StepBridge .. guests are welcome but must send their details toAlan Screen (alanscreen@protonmail.com ) in advance please

Wadebridge will be running a F2F session on the Tuesday and an online session on the Thursday. Please email Graham Ramsey for information Graham_ramsey@hotmail.com

Merseyside Bridge Club will play on Wednesday 26 March - please contact the club for more inforamtion if you wish to join them

Caterham BC will run heats daily - online on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10 am on BBO and F2F on Monday at 14.00 and Wednesday at 19.30 - click here to go to their website for more information and to register.

If your club is willing to open its heats (or even its heart!) to visitors, please email Anna and give her: the club name, a link to register or for more information and the day or days the heats will be held.

Castle Morpeth will run an open heat on BBO on the Tuesday - click here to go to their wesite and register