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The Grenfell Fire Pairs

Following an initiative by the North Wales Bridge Association, a Simultaneous Pairs will be held to raise funds for the Grenfell Fire victims - funds will go to :

The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund: Grenfell Tower Fire

We are going to run the event starting on Sunday 6th August and frequencies will go Live on Saturday evening, 12th August, to permit as many clubs as want to take part to join us. This means that we ask you NOT to put the hands or frequencies, score cards etc on your own site until the evening of 12th August - we don't want to spoil it for others. And please remind your members not to play it again elsewhere, or talk about the hands to someone who may be playing on a different night.

We are not awarding Master Points, prizes or any such luxuries - we just hope you will ask for the hands and play them and enjoy them, and raise as much as we can for the Charity. We are suggesting a minimum donation of £2 per player but hoping for more where possible. WE are asking for funds to be paid into the ECatsBridge Charity Account and we will raise a single donation to send in from (we hope) bridge clubs all over the country.

So to take part all you need to do is email me - anna@ecats.co.uk, tell me which club you are and I will email you the four dealing files, a set of travellers that you can print out if you want someone to deal them that way, the commentary and a reminder of how to pay. All neatly zipped up.

Join us - please join us if you can !