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The 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge - an Open Invitation

from Grattan Endicott

The WBF Laws Committee is now giving some preliminary thought to the next review of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.
Its first decision is to issue a worldwide invitation to players, tournament directors, and NBOs (and as it may be, other members of bridge discussion groups), to send to me any thoughts they may have as to desirable changes in the Laws.
I intend to divide suggestions received into two categories:

a) those which propose a change in the effect of the law; and

b) those which retain the current effect of the law but target an improvement in the wording and/or layout of a Law.

The broad inclination of the committee as it commences the task is to institute very few category (a) changes but to concentrate mainly on proposals in category (b). All suggestions will receive consideration and we will see what responses this invitation brings.
For ease of identification and sorting, I request:

1. That  nothing  reaches  me  before  1st  December 2011, and

2. That the subject line of every email shall contain the words “Duplicate Bridge Law,” which may be followed, if desired by a Law number.

Given the likely number of suggestions that will be sent, please do not anticipate an acknowledgement of receipt unless there is something not fully understood.

Do not assume that anything received hitherto will be on record —  send it afresh if you wish it to have attention.

Invitation issued Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

Responses must be received no later than 31st December 2012.
Send to grandaeval@tiscali.co.uk