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Taggie - born 1992 died 3 November 2008
Taggie on her favourite log in the gardenTaggie didn't really believe she was a cat - she just HATED cats! She was very affectionate with people until got bored, when she just took a hefty swipe, drew blood and stomped out.

She closely resembled an over-stuffed pyjama case and had difficulty getting through the cat flap - particularly if she was not sure where EMale was, because his delight was to wait until she wass half way through and then attack her backside !!

Her main joy was being in the sun - she would lie out, winter or summer, and "soak up the rays" .. so much so that in the summer she had bleached fur ! If the sun wasn't available - well, lying under the BBQ would do, or by the oven or anywhere warm.

She was cantakerous, difficult, feisty but a very much loved member of the household and will be much missed - happy hunting Taggie ...