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Children in Need 2020

Together we can ...raise as much money as possible for Children in Need!

Because of the various difficulties involved in asking clubs to collect the funds, we are happy for the individuals to send their donations directly to us (probably the easiest) although if the club is happy to collect the money and send it as a single donation, of course that is just fine as well.

So, for this event, we simply ask that as many bridge players - whether they play online or not - donate as much as they can although we do suggest a minimum of £3.00 per person, but it is entirely up to the individual - we would love you to put more into the "kitty" if you can, but if you can't, or if you can't afford that much we still want you to play and enjoy the event. We fully understand that it may be more than some people (especially students) can afford, so if you can only afford .50p then please come and play anyway.

And even if you don't play online, maybe you would still consider donating to help us raise as much money as we can.

How to send in donations

You can click here to pay using PayPal or credit card

Or you can send it by BACS to Ecatsbridge Charity Account - you will need to say this is a business account, and it will either come up as ECatsBridge Charity account or ECatsBridge Charity or Charity ECatsbridge (that's banks for you - some like it one way, some another !)

Sort Code 20-83-50
Account Number: 60385239

Or - you can send us a good old fashioned cheque, payable to ECatsBridge Charity a/c – Barclays have set this up so we can keep all the funds we raise for various charities separate. It is not a registered charity in itself, we simply use it so that we can easily identify what funds are destined for the charities that we raise funds for.

And send it to

Anna Gudge
Mill Cottage, Voy
Stromness, Orkney KW16 3HX

Just for reassurance, BBO is fully aware of and in agreement with the way we are doing this!