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The Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs

The 2019 event will be on Thursday 7th March

The Charity this year

We are fund raising for RNLI again this year - read more about that here

The entry fee & donations and how to send them to us

The entry fee is £3.00 per player for clubs having the booklet, £2.50 for clubs taking everything by email - this covers the expenses involved in organising the event with the balance being the donation to the Charity. But we do welcome additional donations (with open arms I may say!) so if you can hold a raffle or something to raise additional funds that would be marvellous.

Cheques should be payable to ECatsBridge Charity Account please - and under the latest set of bank rules, please DO NOT write anything on the back of the cheque or I may have to return it and ask for it to be done again <sigh>. You can also pay by PayPal - click here to go to the page for that, or by BACs using Sort Cod 20-83-50 and account number 60385239

Session Numbers

If you are an affiliated English Club or a Welsh, Scottish or an Anywhere-Else-In-The-World club the session number is 3237. If you are a NON-affiliated English Club we still welcome you with open arms but the session number will be different – it will be 4936, but there will be an overall score to show your players their position in the main ranking as well

Master Points and P2P charge for English affiliated clubs

You may be aware that the EBU makes it a condition of the licence giving us the right to award overall Master Points for this event that any English clubs must be affiliated and also have to pay the normal P2P charge – this doesn’t affect clubs in other countries of course. Non-affiliated clubs who wish to play in the event would be subject to a surcharge by the EBU but we have taken the decision not to offer this as an option at this stage and that means that even EBU members if playing at a non-affiliated club will not receive overall master points. Sorry.

Please, please join us if you can

– the Charity is such an important one, and we would love to give them a nice big cheque at the end !

Mark Horton is the author of the commentary - hopefully he got it right !!

What is involved and how to enter

Bits of extra information that may help