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The Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs

The 2021 event will start on Monday 15 March and will be played on 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th with different hands each night. (yes, we are totally batty I know). This is because we want to maximise the funds rasied and for the first time we will be dividing it between two different charities:

About the event

This year we are raising funds for two different, but closely related Charities – Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. And we have extended the event to run all week, with different hands each day to try and maximise the amount raised for them.

It’s been what can only be described as an extraordinary year – one year ago you joined us to raise money for RNLI, with a final cheque at the end for £5,595.88 and a total over the past three years of £17,349.05 for which they were more than grateful.

The past year has seen charities receiving less and less as the pandemic has taken hold – many people of course have less disposable income and the charities themselves have found that many of their traditional avenues, such as the charity shops, street collections etc are unavailable to them. Which is why we ask you to donate, through our website, so that we can send as much as possible to the two named charities for 2021. We suggest a minimum of £3 per person but if you can make it a bit more please please do! And of course we welcome donations even if you are not able to play ! All the details regarding such payments are here. We know it is all complicated by COVID becuase very few (if any) clubs will be playing face-to-face, but we managed it very well with Children in Need, so please follow the same procedure as it is really difficult for the clubs to collect the funds to relay on to us so we are suggesting that players donate directly as you will see.

Clubs holding "open" heats

If your club isn't holding a heat or perhaps doesn't run online sessions at all, but you would like to play, we are delighted that other clubs have offered open heats - so please go along and register with them, then you can join us for the event! Click here for a list of these clubs - and if your club is happy to open its doors, please let me know and I will add you to the list - just give me a link and the day/time your heat will be.

Heats can be held on BBO, Bridge Club Live or RealBridge ... if you are a BCL club then please check with BCL but they have agreed to set it up which is marvellous !

Session Numbers

You can find them all here

Please, please join us if you can

These Charities both desperately need our help, and we would love to give them each a nice big cheque at the end !

How it works and how to enter

Really (really) important information about how to do things like send in the files !