"Promoting Real Bridge in a Virtual World" - Developed by Mark and Anna Newton (married 20th March 2024)

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ECatsBridge/WBF Charity Pairs

How it works !

We will run four events, from the Monday to Thursday / Friday in the last week of January

There is no set entry fee - this is an event that is played for fun and you are simply asked to request players to make a donation - as much as they can afford - to be sent on to the Charity.

There will be different hands each night (Thursday and Friday will be combined) and clubs may play any (or all !!) nights if they wish. We hope as many of you as possible will join us. If you can't - maybe you could just make a collection on your club night and send us the proceeds to forward on to the Charity... they will be just as welcome, whether you play the set hands or not ! You will be able to make a personal donation if you wish, of course and nearer the time we will tell you how you can do this.

If you want to play our hands and have it scored on line, this is what happens:

We will send you, by email, a zip file containing:
a. The travellers in Acrobat PDF format (you will need Acrobat Reader which is free from www.adobe.com to read this file)
c. Four files, ending .dlm, .pbn, .bri and .dup for use by those of you with automatic dealing machines - if you don't have such a machine, just ignore these files
To unzip the file you will need Winzip or one of the other "archive" programs.

So start off by emailing us and tell us :

a. the name of your club
b. where you are located - the town and country
c. the email address you need the file sent to
  and (very important)
d. which day you want to play

Just set it all up as normal, and just play and enjoy ! The hands are straight computer deals, no messing, no selection so they should be quite fun I hope !

We are not charging an entry fee - just hoping that you will "pass the hat around" and collect as much as you can on the night. Details of how donations can be made are here

After you have played the event ...

You need to score it and upload to the server - the session numbers are on the travellers and in the word file. Details of how to score are here. If for any reason you can't score and upload, don't worry - your results won't appear on the site, but it isn't the end of the world. You can still make your donation, and that is the important thing !

Then you need to make the payment of your donation. Go to our Home page where you can click to donate either by Credit Card or Pay Pal

There are no prizes for coming first and we are not giving master points or printing booklets (you can download a booklet from the site after the event to enjoy the commentary.