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WBF/ECatsBridge Charity Pairs

We don't specify an entry fee as such - please just play the event and enjoy it, and ask your players to donate as much as they can afford then use the information below to send it off to the Charity. And please - please - it is very important that you let us know how much you will be donating. Just click here to email me and tell me !

Cheques - and please note we can only accept cheques in British Pounds using a British Bank account - should be payable to the ECatsBridge Charity account and we will pass them on as a single payment - just send the cheque, with your club name, the session number and date written on the back to:

Anna Gudge
Mill Cottage, Voy
Stromness, Orkney KW16 3HX

Alternatively, you can donate by Credit Card (in British Pounds) , or Paypal

If you use PayPal it will normally allow you to pay in your own currency - you can still use a credit card through PayPal - and it will convert it when the money arrives here in the UK.

Click here to find out how it all works

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