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Answers for users of ACBL Score


Using ACBLscore (DOS version), at the Command Line use the WORLD command – WO is the short form. Using ACBLscore (Window version), locate the WORLD command on the drop down menu.

Complete the on-screen form. Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, as ECatsBridge can contact you should there be any problems with your files.

While in the form you can press F1 for help.

Press F9 when the form is complete.

Follow the on-screen instructions. (You can print these instructions by pressing “P”.)

The files generated will be called p.txt, r.txt, c.txt and e.txt and these are the files you need to e-mail to results@simpairs.com.

The files will be located on the A: floppy disk or in the folder that you selected.

How to attach files to e-mail. Write down (if needed) where you have placed the four files. (Did you save them to your A: drive or in a folder?) Open your e-mail program and include/attach the four files you've created. Some e-mail programs say attach, some will say insert. With other programs, you have to click on file, then add attachment.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that after e-mailing your results, that you check the website to make sure your results appear and are correct. If you have two sections, make sure they both appear on the site. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT THE RESULTS APPEAR AND ARE CORRECT.

If your files have been sent and do NOT appear on the website within a short time (5 minutes or so), please check that you have used the correct session number, as this is the most frequent cause of non-appearance. If they still do not appear, and you are sure the session number is correct, please locate the four files again (p.txt, r.txt, c.txt and e.txt) and e-mail them to anna@ecats.co.uk for checking.

The results don't appear on the site

You may have tried to send the wrong file - make sure that when you run the World Option, you telling it the correct session number. If you send the files with the wrong session number, then they won't appear. We cannot use the .ACE files.

I am scoring more than one section. Is this a problem?

If you are scoring more than one section then you must be careful to upload your first section and double check that it appears on the site BEFORE you create the files for the second section. The files will have the same name and will, therefore, overwrite those for the first section. Also be very careful to put the club name differently for each one (e.g. Railway Bridge Club A and Railway Bridge Club B) or the files could over write each other on the server.

How do I send the text files to you?

Just email them to results@simpairs.com - that way they go straight to the scoring server.