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Scoring Programs

There are now quite a number of scoring programs that work with the ECatsBridge Scoring System. The ones we are aware of are listed below (in no particular order!) with contact email addresses or websites where you can find out more (including the cost)

If you have a scoring program that interfaces with ours, please send us details and a contact email or website so that we can add it to the list. Alternatively if you want to develop your own program for future use, please go to our developer's page to find out what you need to do.

Jeff Smith's program - Pairs scorer. If you are not an affiliated English Club and thus able to obtain this through the EBU please email us for help! This program is Free of Charge

Click here for instructions about how to send the files to us.

ScoreBridge - Stephen Bligh's Program. FAQ about Scorebridge can be found at www.scorebridge.com and you can Click here for instructions about how to send the files to us
BriAn - a new scorer available to clubs  
Magic Contest - Tomas Brenning's Program also called Ruter More information about how to send the files to ECatsBridge can be found here
Compscore2 - by Altosoft ( Please note that this method uses our XML USBIO importer which is currently under Beta ) Change the web export method to Pianola or Bridgewebs and follow the process to generate the web export file. This will make an XML file an put it in the c:\Compscore2\XML Results folder.

Then email this file as an attachment to results@simpairs.com


Kippington Bridge Scorer This is an OpenSource project, written in Perl. It will run on Windows & Linux. Free to download, run and modify
Merlin - a German program  
David Harrison's Program  
Fin-S - Chris Stapleford's Program  
Stephen Brown's Program  
BridScore - Bob Anderson's Program  
ACBL Score - the ACBL scoring program FAQ About ACBL Score
Keith Sheppard's Pairs Scoring Program  
Mike Rothwell's Scorer  
We simply provide information about these programs, and make no recommendations about which ones are good, reliable, easy to use or anything else! We know they have been tested and the files will import into the ECatsBridge scoring system for online scoring of Simultaneous Pairs or ECatsBridgeClub nights provided the instructions are followed!