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SBU Thea Teale Bronze Pairs

Logo Results for the SBU Thea Teale Bronze Pairs

Welcome to the results pages for the SBU Thea Teale Bronze Pairs
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SBU Thea Teale Bronze Pairs
Session 007458
Date of Event: 12 November 2022


Download Overall frequencies   (csv text file)
Download Thea Teale Pairs 2022 Analysis.pdf file
Download Thea Teale Pairs 2022.pbn file
Download -Final Ranking-12-November-2022.pdf file

Find the link above to the session you played in, and click on it - this will take you to the special results pages where, on your left you will see a number of links - the club link will take you to the list of participating clubs, then click on your club name to get your own results - click on your own name and you will see your score card and how you did on each board. All the frequencies are there as well, of course, so do have a look round and you should find lots of information.

Bear in mind that your club results will be different from the overall result, as it is re-scored across the whole field; if you are puzzled by this, click here to find the explanation! If you have other queries - look in the FAQ Section linked on the right of this page, and you may well find the answers!