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You can use any movement you like.

Non Competing Pairs:

we cannot cope with non-competing pairs. I am sorry

Single Winner:

Please note that the end result will be a single winner, so you may prefer to use a scrambled movement … it isn’t essential, but the result from within the program will be scored as single winner, not with a N/S & E/W winner. If you are using one of our Mitchell movements, you will need to change the pair numbers manually if you switch any of the rounds. About arrow Switches

Practice Sessions:

If you want to practice scoring and sending a set of results before the event, please use session 9999


… very important this. If you have a “sit out” pair, or if pairs don’t play a board for any reason (for example you run out of time) NO SCORE OR PAIR NUMBERS must appear on the travellers – if you put the pair numbers in, then the score may appear as a Pass, which is obviously wrong. Just don’t put anything in at all. If we notice that you have scored this, we will remove the sitouts and inform you by email that we have done so. And you cannot award averages to a sit-out pair as obviously if a phantom pair has all averages it can't be scored - you cannot have (for example) 50% of nothing !

Session Number

Please make sure you get it right. It is normally on the travellers and on the results pages for the event you are scoring. If you don’t, when your results are sent in, they will not appear on the site. If you go to the results pages for the event you need the session number for you will find it there.

Fouled Boards

– these DO NOT COUNT in the competition. If a board is fouled and then noticed, please put it right, and give an average plus (A6060) to the pairs discovering the problem. Then it can, of course, be played and scored as normal. If it is fouled throughout the evening, please do not include the scores when you key in the results. If it is fouled for more than one round, please only score the rounds when it was NOT fouled. The other pairs will receive their session average on the boards they played correctly if you just mark it as board not played.

Checking the Scores:

Please please please check your results carefully before sending them – score and print them out but if you subsequently find a mistake … follow the instructions below. Once you have uploaded them, please check that they appear correctly on the site.

Changes to the Scores: If you find an error after uploading, please change it locally and re-upload the files to our server – the original set will then be over-written. Please DO NOT change the Club details though, as these are used to identify your club. If you change them, then your results will appear twice. If we cannot contact you or if we do not have the travellers here we reserve the right to alter a score that is obviously the wrong vulnerability or to remove obvious sitout pairs that have been scored,. This is one of the reasons why we need an email address for you, or the travellers.

Changes we may make to the Scores:

if we find obvious cases of “sitout” pairs entered (they show as “Pass”) we will remove them; obvious vulnerability errors (e.g. 50 when it should be 100) may be changed to the same score at the correct vulnerability; results uploaded containing more than number of boards providedwill have the higher number boards removed; we reserve the right to make changes to any scores if they are impossible. If it is obvious these will be changed to the correct score but if this cannot be determined we will delete the result. We will always endeavour to contact the heat organiser to advise of any changes made or of any queries.