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General information for the Charity Challenge Simultaneous Pairs

The link to the General Regulations covering all our events is in the menu on your right. More details about the actual event can be found by clicking here

The session numbers are: for the Monday (just one session) .. 5718

For the Thursday - affiliated EBU Clubs and all other clubs : 3776
Non affiliated EBU clubs : 4854

Please be careful to use the right session number !

The entry fee for the 2017 Thursday edition of the Charity Challenge Pairs is £3.00 for clubs taking the booklets etc by post, or £2.50 if you have taken it by email. We hope that you may consider topping this up to raise extra funds for the Charity !

For the Monday edition, as it is going to be very small, we simply invite people to donate to the Charity.

Details of how you can make your payment is here - please do so as soon as you can so we can get the funds off to Stoke Mandeville as soon as possible.

Next year we are looking at the possibility of moving the Charity Challenge to a different, less crowded time of the year - one without so many other Simultaneous events going on! We will keep you posted !