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The Kidney Research Sim Pairs



ECatsBridge is very pleased to have been invited to take over the running of this long-standing Simultaneous Pairs, following the retirement of Mike Rogerson who has done such a wonderful job of organising it over the past - he forgets how many - years. We hope we can follow effectively in his footsteps and continue to raise funds for this very important Charity.

The Session number for Affiliated EBU Clubs and all other clubs is 3428 and the session number for non-affiliated EBU clubs is 4394

The general instructions for running the event are here - please read them carefully.

The treasurer's form with information on how to pay can be downloaded here

For more details about general organisation of Simultaneous Pairs, please click here

Please email Anna Gudge if you wish to participate in this event


History of the event

HIWCBA has run two Simultaneous Pairs events since it was reformed from the Southern Counties CBA.

About 19 years ago our then newly elected Chairman, Ivan Chidwick, who was regional Director of the Kidney Research Fund, decided to run a simultaneous event within the county to raise funds. I had taken over the running of the two HIW events, so Ivan turned to Mike Rogerson for help in running the KR event. As the main purpose was to raise money for the charity, it was obvious that we needed more clubs to take part.

Over the next few years clubs from additional counties were invited, until the catchment spread from Cornwall to Kent and up as far as Berks and Bucks. By then 41 clubs took part. The scoring was done here at home and originally all the clubs sent in their travellers for Mike to enter pairs and scores. Gradually they were cajoled into sending in the files by email (or floppy) till by 2002 very few did not have someone who could send in the result files over the 'wires'

The event was published in the EBU Year Book and clubs from farther afield asked to join in. It was the Bury St Edmunds club who asked whether the event could be scored by ECatsBridge and following a few email exchanges we were very pleased to pass on the scoring to them. Only 5 clubs sent Mike travellers to enter and upload in 2004. Other clubs have joined since seeing this event listed in the ECatsBridge calendar and now all clubs upload results to ECats. The list of participating clubs has continued to grow steadily
Hands are computer dealt, Julian Pottage writes our commentary for 28 of the deals which are provided in the usual booklet. Entry is just £3 if the booklets are provided or £2.50 if everything is sent by email.

When P2P was introduced, the EBU closed this event to unaffiliated clubs unless they paid a surcharge, but this is too complex to administer and as so many were keen to continue taking part that a parallel section is available for them.

Please email Anna Gudge if you wish to participate in this event
For more details about general organisation of Simultaneous Pairs, please click here