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The World Wide Bridge Contest

Special Regulations for the WWBC that you should note in addition to the General Conditions and Regulations and other information which can be found by clicking here

a) The minimum number of tables at a heat is 3. NOTE that if less tables are in play at the heat then the results will be removed.
b) The minimum number of competition boards to be played by each pair is 18 but we prefer each player to have played at least 20 if possible. NOTE that if less boards are played then the results will be removed.
c) Results must be scored and uploaded to the main server no later than 48 hours after the end of play
d) All heat organisers/scorers must ensure that their email address is included with the results to enable the organisers to contact them if necessary to check a result. Heat organisers must check their email regularly following the event
e) We will need to be able to contact the winning pairs directly following the event - we will initially contact the heat organisers responsible so, again, please ensure we have your email address so that we can get it touch. If we cannot contact the winners for any reason we will assume that they do not wish to participate in the final and the prize will be offered elsewhere.
f) Heat organisers/scorers are responsible for checking that their results appear correctly on the website after uploading. It is particularly important that you double check that both sets of results appear if you have more than one section or are playing more than one session. NOTE that the club organisers / scorers are responsible for ensuring that the results sent in the right format, are complete, correct and appear on the webiste in the right session. No responsibility will be taken by the organisers for results that do not appear on the site or in the correct session.
g) Finalising each event: All results must be uploaded within 48 hours of the end of play taking into account the time zone in which the club resides. A further 48 hours will be allowed for checking scores after which the event will be finalised and no further changes permitted. Accordingly the intial six prize winners (i.e. the pairs coming first in each individual event) will be known.
g) Additional Prize winners: we will announce the other seven pairs winning the prize as soon as possible after the final event in June. These will be
  1. The winners from each Continent not having won an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then
  2. The highest scoring pairs from any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final.