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Why do the local scores differ ?

Sometimes the local scores pinned on the board at your club will be different from the local scores that appear on the website ... and strictly speaking this shouldn't happen! However, sometimes it does and there can be several reasons:

1. Possibly you actually had more boards in play than the ones in the Simultaneous Pairs competition - say you hand dealt a board or two to make up the movement. In that case our scoring program ignores the scores on those boards completely as they are not part of the competition, but your own club result will include them - so your scores will be different.

2. A board is fouled all the way through. There is no reason for your club score not to include this board, it doesn't matter. But once we are informed, we remove the scores on that board for the national ... and the web version ... result, as it wasn't part of the competition. Again, this means your scores will be different

3. Your scorer found a subsequent error on the ECatsBridge version of the scoring, and corrected it and reuploaded but hasn't yet corrected it on your version at the club

4. Your club uses Scorebridge, which has two different methods of scoring - one is as though the event was scored manually, and does not factor the scores to allow for boards being played a different number of times. The other is Neuberg scoring which is what is used on the website and does allow factoring. If your club uses the "manual" scoring then your local results may well appear different when they are uploaded and the Neuberg formula is used.

Of course, whatever the case, your local scores and the overall scores will be different, and to see why this happens, click here

I hope this helps clarify matters for you ...