"Promoting Real Bridge in a Virtual World" - Developed by Anna Gudge and Mark Newton

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Virtual Sims - all you need to know (well nearly all anyway!)

So how will it all work ?

If you are a player who plays regularly on BBO but not through a local "virtual" club, you are NOT excluded - far from it! Clubs that are online are "opening their doors" to visitors for this event ..

Mark has been coding like mad and testing as well and it all seems to work really well.

Clubs that are already set up on BBO and playing regularly can join in - click here for the general instructions. I know they look a bit long, but please read and follow them carefully. They are not difficult, truly! Please do try and test run before the event, though, just to check you know what you are doing - we can send you a trial set of hands for your members to enjoy and so that you are confident that it will all work on the night. And we have friends on standby who can talk you through it if you get in a muddle !

If you are a club organiser but haven't yet managed to set up your own club games, you can contact Tony or Dave who will be able to help ...

If you are a player who is nervous about dipping your toe into the online BBO waters, then contact Tony as he runs practice sessions and indeed if you want to learn bridge or are a beginner wanting to improve- he runs online teaching sessions !

Let's get these events going, lets have some fun and raise some money for charity at the same time !

Do join us if you possibly can !