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General Instructions

It is all very simple ! First thing is - never panic! If you are worried about anything, contact Anna either by email or by phone on 01787 881920 and she will do her best to help. So, first of all score your heat using one of the many programsthat now work with our Scoring System.

The program you use will either send the files automatically through your email client, or you need to find the four files, called p.txt, r.txt, e.txt and c.txt and email them to results@simpairs.com - please do NOT include any correspondence as we don't actually read those emails, they just drop into the scoring system directly. If you are using ScoreBridge or Pairs Scorer, instructions for creating and sending the files are here. Note that if you played a two winner movement your local results will show as NS1 v EW1 but the program should automatically add the number of tables to the EW number when it converts the files that come to us, so it will show on our system as (for example) NS1 v EW8 when there are 7 tables in play.

Regulations: Please note that it will be assumed that you have read these!

It is particularly important with simultaneous pairs events being held at different times that clubs ensure that security is observed - for example if your club is playing during the morning or afternoon, your players must be aware that they cannot go to a different club later in the day and play the hands again!

Scoring the event: Details are here

It is important that clubs do not upload their results to their own sites, where the hands and frequencies will be visible, until the hands and frequencies appear on the main ECatsBridge site - to check the time (and in the case of World events the day) that these will appear, just go to the results pages for the event and click the link at the top to Frequencies - if they are not live it will tell you the time and date (in UK time) when they will appear. Please ensure you do not publish yours until that time.

If you are worried about your telephone number being displayed as part of the URL with the results when they are on the site, then please put a random number in the telephone number place in the scoring program, and put your “real” number in the fax place (that isn’t displayed). We need a number in there though as it helps ensure that your club is unique.

If you go to the main pages now, you will see the results of previous events that have been scored in this way. Your club members can see their local club result (which will, of course, be exactly the same as the result you have generated locally for your club notice board). They can then easily find out how they are doing in the overall ranking. It is really good fun to watch this change as more results come in over the days after the event.

For those of you with Duplimate machines –I have the files as Duplimate files … I am sure you will be delighted! Get in touch and I will arrange to get them to you if you want them.

The General Regulations and the Conditions of Contest are here - please check them carefully!

Finally – have fun and enjoy !!! That’s the object of the exercise!