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General Regulations

The World Wide Bridge Contest

In additon to the regulations here, please also see the special regulations in force for the World Wide Bridge Contest

The Session Numbers

It is essential that the correct session number is put into the scoring program for each event, to ensure that they are uploaded to the correct place on the server. The session number for your heat will normally be in the documentation for the event but if you do not have that to hand you can always find them on the results pages for the event - go to : https://www.ecatsbridge.com/sims/default.asp and click the link to the event you need the session number for and you will find the session numbers for that event there.

The Laws

The event is played in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 2017 supplemented by these Conditions of Contest and any other Conditions posted to the web site for the event which are deemed to have been read by the organisers. The EBL reserves the right to modify or add to these conditions as it sees fit. Interpretation and application are the responsibility of the EBL Organising Committee, whose decision is final.

Conditions of Contest
The Conditions of Contest are provided and are supplemental to the Laws as stated above

Minimum Number of Tables and Number of Boards

The minimum number of tables in play at a heat should be 3 for all events unless otherwise stated. If you are going to have less, please email for advice. We will normally score it initially with less tables, then we can make special arrangements to send the result as a "snapshot" before we remove it from the rankings.

The minimum number of competition boards to be played by each participant is 18. (This means that if you have a half table, the length of the session must be longer than 18 boards, so that even those that sit out will have played 18).
Apart from this, there are no special requirements for participation. For example there is no restriction on the choice of movement: you can run a Howell or a Mitchell movement, two-winner or one-winner. Please use whatever is most suited to your club. Just note that the overall results will be expressed as a single winner so your players may find it less confusing if you play a one-winner movement (i.e. a Howell or a switched Mitchell)

Sending in Results

We need the results as quickly as possible. Your results should be uploaded within 24/48 hours - in the case of the WWBC it must be within 48 hours of the event taking into account the time zone in which the club resides.

Files Scoring

Click here for information about scoring and sending in the files

Checking the Scores & making corrections

After the event, the frequencies will be checked by a qualified Tournament Director and unusual scores will be queried. We fully accept that in many cases these will actually be correct, but for the ones that are not, it is important that we correct them before finalising the ranking. If a score is found to be wrong, the organiser will be asked to correct it locally and re-upload the corrected results to the server.It is very important, therefore, that the results are kept on a computer locally until the results are finalised so that any changes can be made easily and re-uploaded.

In the case of the World Wide Bridge Contest where results are finalised very quickly, each scorer is requested to double-check the results when they appear on the website, as they will have very little time in which to correct scores.

Changes that may be made by the Organisers

In the event of scores that are impossible at the vulnerability on the board (for example a +50 on a board where N/S are vulnerable), the organisers will endeavour to contact the club to ensure that the board was not fouled (e.g. by being switched) but if the club cannot be contacted or does not respond to email within a very short period, the score will be changed to the correct score for the vulnerability - i.e. a +50 would be changed to +100, a +420 to +620 and so forth.

In the event of a club uploading scores with a "Pass" on every board, it will be assumed that the scorer has inadvertently included scores for unplayed boards, and these scores will be deleted from the results as soon as is practically possible. If a valid email address for the club is available, that club will be informed.

Provision of Contact details

All heat organisers are required to provide an email address where they can be contacted in case of queries that may arise during the checking of the scores. There is a place in which this can be entered in the scoring program. Please be sure to enter it accurately so that we can contact you if necessary.

Finalising of Results

We hope that all heat organisers will upload their results as quickly as possible so that we can start work on checking frequencies etc and get the results finalised quickly.