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The NEW Celtic Simultaneous Pairs

The Celts are still here!

The next Celtic Simultaneous Pairs (December 2019) is being organised by the NIBU... there will be the normal four days of it (Thursday/Friday are combined), with with a total of 4 different sets of hands. Payment should be made directly to NIBU please - details are below

Click here to email Ian Hamilton who will be the organiser on behalf of the NIBU if your club wants to take part - we welcome all clubs. I will need to know: The name of your club, the date(s) you want to play, whether you want booklets sent to you or whether you will take it all by email, and, of course, the relevant postal address/email address to send it to - and your name of course. A phone number and full contact details would be appreciated.

The Celtic Simultaneous Pairs Simultaneous Pairs open to ALL – Everyone has a Celtic connection somewhere! The SBU, NIBU and WBU have agreed to offer red/green points for these events, but sadly the EBU has declined to licence them so we are unable to offer even overall local points.

English clubs are nevertheless welcome to participate and we particularly would welcome Cornwall and Manx BU– being Celtic themselves - EBU affiliated clubs will need to pay their normal P2P fee and can award their own local master points, but as it is not licensed by the EBU, non-affiliated clubs may join in and hopefully enjoy the event.

Entry Fees

The entry fee is £3.00 per player, but a discount of 50p per player (making it £2.50 per head) is offered to clubs wishing to take the booklets by email and print them out themselves - the booklets will, of course, be available on the website after the event for players to download.

Please make your payments to account NIBU, Ulster Bank:-
98:01:40 a/c 15029055
Our Treasurer is:-Anne Fitzpatrick, Bakertilley Mooney Moore, 17 Clarendon Road. Clarendon Dock, Belfast Northern Ireland BT1 3BG
Or cheques to Ian Hamilton:- 21 Cranmore Ave, Belfast BT9 6JH (payable to NIBU)

Even if you are not a Celtic club you are very very welcome to join us for this fun event which has been going for some years - we really would love to have your company!

Why the name ?

This is essentially a joint venture by SBU/WBU/NIBU to foster their Celtic links.

What are the funds raised used for ?

The money raised is divided between the Celtic NBOs (i.e. Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) and is used to support their international teams.

Come and join us in what should be a fun and exciting event – it will be scored by ECats and the results will, as normal, be here on the ECatsBridge website.